The problem

Legal documents are confusing, filled with archaic language that require expert assistance to decipher. These documents are found in high-stakes scenarios, with an affected population where 54% of adults have a literacy level below the sixth grade. This combination of factors leads to complex situations where the people are at a disadvantage. As an example, 70% of debt collection lawsuits result in default judgement against consumers. With over 40 million annual cases, this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

The Solution

That’s where Privity comes in. Backed by the latest artificial intelligence technology and a team of legal experts, the Privity app allows consumers to accelerate their understanding and interpretation of legal documents through a simple and intuitive process. Users just need to take a picture of the relevant legal documents, upload them to our app, and wait for our model to take the legalese and translate it to simple and understandable language.
Clear case comprehension
Timely court apperances
Enhanced settlement opportunities


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